Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity can be a great way to add storage to your bathroom. A vanity is a great place to keep items like your toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also store other items you need for your daily routine on top of it, such as a comb and a hair dryer. You can even store your makeup and shaving equipment. Depending on your needs, you can even choose a custom-made bathroom vanity that fits into the style of your room.

Bathroom vanities are available in a variety of materials and styles. Most are made from solid wood with a stain or paint finish. Stains protect the wood from moisture and humidity while still adding style. Stains are available in a variety of colors and allow you to show off the grain of the wood. Traditional, dark wood finishes are still popular, while lighter-colored vanities have a modern look. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, you can choose a particle board vanity.

When choosing bathroom vanities, you should consider the size and style of the room. Small spaces can be difficult to work with, but there are plenty of options to fit in. For example, a small space isn’t a problem for narrow vanities. You can get a 15-inch wide vanity by partnering with a celebrity interior designer. Some decorators prefer a long countertop, but make sure to check the market value of used vanities first.

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