Choosing Vanity Tops for Bathroom Vanities

Vanity tops are a popular choice for bathroom vanities, as they provide space for a sink and faucet. Most bathroom vanities also include a soap dispenser and faucet fixture, making them an important part of any bathroom. However, the material should be durable, as bathroom vanities are constantly exposed to moisture and are often subject to wear and tear. If you’re considering buying a laminate vanity, be sure to read the following tips for selecting the right one.

Most bathroom vanities are made of solid wood. Solid wood is resistant to humidity and moisture, but can look dull if not treated. Staining the wood will add a touch of style and protect the wood’s natural grain. Stained finishes come in a variety of colors, from natural to rich. Dark wood finishes are traditional, while lighter finishes are more contemporary. While most modern vanities have solid wood drawer fronts, it’s important to select a material that matches the rest of the décor.

Choose a material that matches your home. The majority of bathroom vanities feature solid wood drawer fronts and doors. Stained wood is more resistant to moisture than painted wood, and it provides an appealing touch to any bathroom. In addition, stained finishes allow the natural grain of the wood to show through. A variety of stains is available. While dark wood finishes are traditionally preferred, lighter wood finishes can be more contemporary. You can choose a vanity that complements your existing design scheme.

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