Modern Bathroom Vanities

One of the oldest examples of a vanity is found in the tomb of King Tut, which contained a small mirror and jars of ointment and fragrance. Madame de Pompadour had a dressing table of equal grandeur. Vanities have long been custom made furniture for the upper class, and the French poudreuse, low boy, and Beau Brummel served as early vanity samples. Today, many modern vanities look like they were fashioned by a designer who specialized in vanity furniture.

The modern-day vanity is a combination of storage space and a bathroom sink. Traditionally, the word vanity refers to a piece of cabinetry with a sink, a faucet, and a mirror. In the 18th century, the term “vanitas” referred to toilet tables. These tables are usually equipped with drawers, mirrors, and other storage space. Some vanities even feature a built-in soap dispenser.

In the early 20th century, dressing tables became an integral part of modern luxury and glamour. A vanity provides a designated area for preparing for the day. Initially called a toilet table, they became a major feature of the interior décor of modern homes. These modern vanity pieces typically contain drawers, mirrors, and jewelry compartments. Although these features may seem excessive, they are a necessary part of a vanity. These features make them a great choice for a modern bathroom.

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