Tips For Choosing Bathroom Vanities

In the Old English poem, All is Vanity, a beautiful young woman is seen gazing into a mirror. The title of the piece is a warning against vanity, as Satan claims that vanity is his favorite sin. Similarly, a video game, Daydreams, features the vice of vanity. But how do we choose the right bathroom vanity? Here are some tips for choosing the right one. The choice of the vanity is a major factor in deciding the overall look of the room.

A vanity can be made of various materials. The most common type is particle board, which is a composite material made of wood particles compressed together. It comes in different sizes and is categorized according to its density and particle size. Compared to other materials, particle board is less expensive and easy to work with, as the pieces are covered with a durable material. Nevertheless, this material is not ideal for bathrooms, as it will scratch and chip over time.

Solid wood vanities can be a great choice. They can accommodate almost any type of countertop, and can even support the weight of the counter top. But while solid wood vanities are generally durable, they are susceptible to problems in the bathroom. The moisture and heat in the bathroom can cause wood to expand and contract, which can lead to warping and cracking in the painted surface. To avoid these problems, consider using veneer or sealants. A solid wood vanity can also withstand the wear and tear of the bathroom environment.

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