Types of Bathroom Vanities

Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are many different kinds of bathroom vanaties. Some vanaties come with a medicine cabinet or mirror above the sink. Modern variants of vanaties are not made from cabinets but are built to look like them. Other types of vanaties only have a sink and countertop. Some vanaties can be waterproof as well. If space is an issue, you can opt for a smaller vanity that can be placed against a wall.

Double vanaties are a popular choice for small bathrooms. The double sink design and large counter space make them a great option for smaller bathrooms. Traditional double vanaties are 72 inches wide, but floating and corner vanaties can save you space. They also look sleek and chic when installed against a wall. Whether you decide to go with a single or double vanity, you’ll be happy with the result.

Freestanding vanaties are an excellent choice for small bathrooms. These freestanding vanaties don’t need a wall or floor to support them, and are typically more affordable than their counterparts. In addition to being inexpensive, these units are built to last and feature functional drawers and cabinet doors. They are also great for kids’ bathrooms. You’ll find many different designs and styles to match any decor style.

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